Basic Stock Trading Backtesting System for F#

hi. i’m new to F# and want to try it out with a basic stock trading backtesting system. i see there’s a blog post about it here:

i read that data analysis is a good use case for this language. i’m hoping to confirm that. i plan to modify the code from the blog post to use an sqlite3 database i had used and previously made with a different language. i hope the performance in f# will be roughly comparable to my attempt at this with the compiled to binary language.

does this all sound reasonable? i’m quite new at this so i’m afraid this will be too difficult and time consuming and may not showcase the strengths of the language. i would like to start off with a good application and development experience to see if i should continue with this journey.

otherwise i could fallback to C# maybe. i’ve used that for over 5 years.


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Sounds completely reasonable. My usual advice is do a project you know when trying a new language, and do a project you don’t when you’re using a language you’re comfortable in. F# is a general purpose programming language, so you can really do anything with it. Don’t feel too pressured to do only data science or analytics with it. Best of luck @JonL and if you need help I’m sure there are many here who would have fun helping you.

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