Learning Material and Tutorials Anyone, Please, Thank You Ever So Kindly?!

Decent training material and tutorials are great help with streamlining uptake and usage of F# or anything else for that matter. There are a few courses here and there, on Udemy, Pluralsight, and FsharpTV, etc., but they are commonly old, very short, sometimes incomplete, and often cover only the very basics.

Assuming you are already familiar with the language core. Tutorials and Particularly Good Videos: You decide to do a task, say Frontend, Backend, Data Analysis, etc., you go over the course and quickly get to work!!! It makes everything much quicker and easier.

Producing decent material is neither easy nor cheap. However, seeing as many open source contributors are already donating significant time, maybe they could be so kind as to pull their resources, organize, and add this to their list of valuable efforts which will have just as much impact - if not more - than contributing code. We could maybe set up a donation scheme and that would to some extent take care of financial side and still people who cannot afford it or whatever, would be able to learn from best.

Some good samples I have come across that can provide sort of a blueprint for user needs. Assuming you are already familiar with concepts and coding in general: After around 110 hours, you can get up and running doing Full-Stack and Data Science programming in python. Otherwise, a poor soul would have to spend many more hours scouring forums and texts and books, to little avail.

Python Programming Masterclass @ 60 Hours

Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp @ 25 Hours

Machine Learning Practical: 6 Real-World Applications @ 9 Hours

Ben Gobeil has been making videos on a number of F# basics as well as going through the full cycle of making an app.