2020 Election Campaign: Elliott Brown

Who I am

My name is Elliott Brown and I am a senior systems engineer, programming and database developer in the Toledo, OH area of the United States of America.

I architect, design, and develop critical infrastructure and platforms for software finance companies in the U.S. – focusing on data integrity and high availability. I also work with charities local to the Toledo, OH area that assist with and focus on the development of youth, especially youth in underprivileged and underrepresented groups.

Why I am running

My goal with this candidacy is to support and encourage the growth of the F# Software Foundation, especially with regard to diversity and inclusion programs. I am a firm believer that the foundations job is to encourage more participation, and make it easy and inviting for folks who have not traditionally had the opportunity.

While I use F# day-to-day, my goals with the foundation are more aligned with community growth and involvement, and less on the language itself. We have a right and responsibility to make the F# Software Foundation inviting and welcoming for everyone.

Additionally, I intend to direct a focus on the mentorship program, as it is an essential component of diversity and inclusion, as it allows us to truly support the people in our community who desire it.

Finally, I also intend to ensure that the F# Software Foundation can clearly communicate its directives with the community. That is: specifically enumerate the goals and methods the foundation uses to achieve them.

Why should you vote for me

I believe the F# Software Foundation’s job is not just to develop software, but to encourage and develop the community around the F# language. I believe that we should focus F# Software Foundation resources on goals aligned with that purpose.