2021 Election Campaign: Elliott Brown

Candidate photo

Who I am

My name is Elliott Brown and I am a senior systems engineer, programming and database developer in the Toledo, OH area of the United States of America.

I architect, design, and develop critical infrastructure and platforms for software finance companies in the U.S. – focusing on data integrity and high availability. I also work with charities local to the Toledo, OH area that assist with and focus on the development of youth, especially youth in underprivileged and underrepresented groups.

Why I am running

My goal with this candidacy is to ensure the long-term programs of the F# Software Foundation can find successful methods for self-sustainment. The FSSF initiatives, such as the Mentorship program, Diversity and Inclusion initiatives, and other programs, deserve being put in a position where they can receive long-term success and support.

My secondary goals are to ensure the F# Software Foundation has pointed direction, instead of aimless wandering about itself.

Why should you vote for me

I believe the F# Software Foundation’s job is not just to develop software, but to encourage and develop the community around the F# language. I believe that we should focus F# Software Foundation resources on goals aligned with that purpose.

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Foundation’s job is not just to develop software .