2020 Election Campaign: Dave Curylo

Who am I

I’m a software engineer at Microsoft using F# on the Azure Dedicated team and living in Atlanta, GA, USA, along with my family. I work heavily in cloud infrastructure software and feel F# has a really bright future in infrastructure automation where there isn’t a lot of type checking and validation and it can make a huge difference.

Why I’d like to be on the board

F# has a really strong and positive community around it, and I’d really like to see that community continue to grow. As a current board member, I’ve had the opportunity to be involved in guiding the foundation in a way that can enable the community members to have more visibility and involvement in the foundation programs because this builds more activity, enthusiasm, and even capacity to do more in these programs. My guiding principles are:

  • Encourage fairness, consideration, and humility in the F# community
  • Promote involvement through transparency and open coordination of FSSF activities and programs

For example, the website rebuild is a project was largely a board-driven effort and I feel this is an area where the foundation members can and would like to play a large part. With that in mind, I moved the project into the open where everyone can see the tasks and anyone is able to contribute to its delivery, and I am confident the website will be completed whether I am on the board or not. I would like to be reelected to the board so I can continue these efforts to enable and encourage any foundation member to contribute and shape these programs, ensuring their lifetime is tied to the foundation’s interests rather than the tenure of a board member.

Thank you for your time and for considering me, and if you have any questions, please reach out here or on the FSSF Slack and I would appreciate your input and feedback!

Dave Curylo

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