2018 Election Campaign: Chet Husk

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Who am I?

I’m an Austin, TX-based developer who works primarily in web servers and distributed systems, with a nice splash of build, deployment, and operational tooling interest thrown in. I’ve used F# in ecommerce platforms, microservices, container workloads, image manipulation, and other realms to great success, and am a contributor in a wide smattering of tools and libraries like FAKE, Paket, and the SwaggerProvider.

Why am I Running?

I want to continue working with the rest of the Foundation to expand the community of F# developers not just in raw numbers but in active contributors to the language. I think the FSSF has an important role to play in encouraging growth in this area and should continue to improve efforts to mentor new and experienced developers and encourage community contributions. For too long key efforts in the F# ecosystem have been one or two-person affairs, and I hope that by widening the funnel of new developers (and contributors!) we’ll all benefit.

Why Vote for Me?

I’m fairly active in the community through several different means: I regularly participate in the mentorship program as a mentor, I often help out in the various topic-specific slack channels like #beginners, #web, and #code where questions are asked, and I often contribute with issue discussion and/or code contributions to some of the more well-known projects in the community. I feel these activities give me a good sense of what’s going on across the breadth of the ecosystem and help me match up new contributors with projects that are interesting to them and that help them get over the contribution hump. I think that moving users from learning do doing as swiftly as possible is very important for our community and so would hope to make resources that make that process easier during my tenure.



Longer version: I have been on the Board this year, where I have had the pleasure to work with Chet, and I 110% endorse him. Chet has always been there to help when help was needed, he knows the F# open source ecosystem and contributors quite well, and has been discretely taking on tasks in that area that were not the most fun or visible.

In other words, he is pretty awesome, and he has my endorsement - vote for Chet!