2018 Election Campaign: Mathias Brandewinder

Who I am


Hello there! Let me introduce myself, with a few random facts. I speak with a strong French accent, live in San Francisco, and write code for a living, primarily in F#. Professionally, I am particularly interested in programs that use a bit of math to help make better decisions. Outside of work, I have been actively involved with meetups for years, and enjoy community building. When I need to get away from computers, I go to the gym for some Thai Boxing (sometimes I cook, too). I will vehemently argue with anyone who can’t see that a ham & cheese croissant is an abomination. And if you want to know more random facts about me… ask me anything, either here or on Slack!

Twitter @brandewinder

Why I would like to be on the Board

I have been on the F# Software Foundation Board for 3 years now. I see the FSSF as a platform to give F# a stronger voice, and amplify F# Community efforts - and I see my role on the Board as representing the Community the best I can, listening to its various voices, and do my best to help it grow while keeping that Community a wonderful and special place.

If I am on the Board, what you can expect from me is a strong commitment to listening to everyone, and to keeping FSSF open and transparent. I intend to keep having office hours (almost) every Friday on Slack, like I have for a while now, to make sure your ideas and thoughts are heard. Being on the Board is a great honor, the least I can do is make myself available to all members.

Beyond that, I’ll do my best to help organize and run the FSSF programs. Specifically, I want to continue improving communications, to increase awareness of programs such as the affiliate meetups, mentorship, diversity or speaker support. I also consider a priority this year to complete a revamp of the fsharp.org website, in particular having a suitable replacement for TryFSharp, and will do my best to help make that happen.

With that said - thank you for reading, and again, ask me anything, either here or on Slack :slight_smile:


To put it in his own words:

He has been dedicated to FSSF and the community for many years: speaking all over the world while crafting tweet after tweet for the MoP, showing up for board meetings, hosting office hours and trying to keep them on the rails… no matter where in the world he is, all while staying one of the kindest people I know.

But most of all, as he said so himself, he vehemently argues with anyone who can’t see that a ham and cheese croissant is an abomination! :wink:


On a selfish note - Vote for Mathias!

Mathias has been instrumental in making things happen for the Foundation. Between being Secretary, his regular office hours, and endless hours of “behind the scenes” work, Mathias has proven that he’s incredibly dedicated and committed to making the Foundation succeed. He has been, hands down, the most productive Board member over the last few years, and it is my hope that every voting member will vote for him to stay on the Board moving forward.

Every year at election time I am a little afraid he won’t make it through - prove this fear unfounded again, please.