Who would I report this VS Code error hyperlink problem to?

When using VS Code, editing F# code with the Ionide extension (all up-to-date), if I get an error I can hover over the ‘squiggle’ to get a pop-up.

If I then click on the error code hyperlink at the end of the top line to see the Microsoft documentation, my browser opens but I get a “404 – Page not found” error, every single time no matter what the error code is.

An example of the URL I get is: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/fsharp/language-reference/compiler-messages/fs0039

I was just wondering who this should be reported to, and how it should be reported. (That’s if it’s not just me that’s having the problem.)

Does anyone have any ideas?

Hello @GarryP ,

you can report the issue in the Ionide extension repository:

If this is not the right place or the issue is known they will redirect you to the right place.

There’s a related issue here: Broken documentation links shown in VS Code from Ionide that is generated by F# Compiler · Issue #12017 · dotnet/fsharp · GitHub

Thanks to both for your help.

It seems that this has already been reported and it’s because of a ‘lack of content’ here: https://github.com/dotnet/docs/tree/main/docs/fsharp/language-reference/compiler-messages/

Since the issue has been closed, and there’s not much I could have added to it anyway, I’ll just keep my fingers crossed that someone will add the necessary documentation at some point.