Help properly installing Ionide-vscode


I have been trying to properly install the Ionide-vscode extension for vscode on my VoidLinux (glibc) machine. Each time I try installing the extension in VScode (code-oss), I get errors about dotnet not being found, and then a message saying the fsharp server keeps crashing. I have installed the mono package group from Void’s repositories, as well as manually installing the dotnet sdk binary and adding to my path. However, both routes provided me with the same error.

Any help would be amazing, I’ve been trying to trouble shoot on my own for quite some time now but just cannot seem to figure out what I am doing wrong/missing. I’ve been working through the fsharpforfunandprofit website, and would really like to start playing around with fsharp in vscode. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Maybe you could post the output from dotnet --info, so we’ll know what versions of the dotnet sdk you have installed.

Also, I’m wondering if .NET Core is even compatible with Void Linux. See

See also this open issue regarding FreeBSD support, which might apply to NetBSD and Void as well:


Sorry for the late reply. I came to the same conclusion that you brought up. .NET doesnt seem to work with Void. I believe this is due to void using LibreSSL. In the time from my OP, I’ve installed Debian, and everything is working properly now. I really like void, but a bit too niche for me right now at university.

Thanks for your help. I’m excited to start learning F# :slight_smile:

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