Where are the standard library docs?

Recently I have found documentation for the F# standard library contains broken links. E.g. Go to https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/fsharp/language-reference/fsharp-collection-types and click on Maps module.

I can see why this is happening. The links are to old MSDN articles which have been removed. Unfortunately the Wayback Machine doesn’t have the old content archived.

It looks like much of this missing documentation was / can be auto-generated. Parts of the documentation pop up in VSCode with the Ionide plugin:

Are autogenerated docs of the F# standard library hosted anywhere or can someone point me in the right direction of how to generate this documentation in a browsable form?

Hi @richardcrichardc! You can find community-maintained docs for the core library at https://fsharp.github.io/fsharp-core-docs/. They’re entirely open source, and under rapid construction, but they have all of the same content you see in the in-editor docs writ large.


Maybe link this location to somewhere where people can find it easily, I don’t know where that is mind :slight_smile:

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Yep! They’re linked from the Learn menu on fsharp.org, but of course there could be more places.

I didn’t find these docs because I’m in the habit of googling things like “F# map module” rather than reading the fsharp.org website. https://fsharp.github.io/fsharp-core-docs/ doesn’t seem to come up on the first few pages of Google for such searches.

Maybe we should lobby Microsoft to link to the good docs, rather than publish unmaintained docs.

@chethusk I’ve been a bit concerned about the missing F# API docs for over a year, and yet I still had no idea that the community docs existed. Even though they are linked from the official docs! The problem is that web searches never send me there, and that’s always how I start. I think it needs much more search engine clout, or it should be merged into the official docs. Do you know if something is blocking that merge or if it’s just a matter of someone needing to do the work?

SEO is influenced very heavily by authoritative linking, and the more that it’s linked to from authoritative sources, the more it will jump up in searches. It will likely take some time though, especially since the linking from the docs is so recent.