Where are the package docs?

F# newbie here. I’m learning F# using VSCode, Ionide and The SAFE Stack.

Something I am really missing from other languages I have used is a package docs browser, like https://godoc.org/ for Go or https://package.elm-lang.org/ for Elm. Does F#/dotNet/VSCode have such a thing?

Nuget dot org lists’s packages, but I cannot see any autogenerated docs.

In VSCode, the kind of information I am imagining, types and descriptions in some cases, appears in a popup window when autocompleting. I am after this info formatted so I can browse it.


in general the documentation can be found from the Github repo of the package.

It can be the README.md file like here or have a link to an external website like here.

It depends on what the maintainer decided to do.

Thought that might be the case

Thanks MagelMaxime