Slack-based chat switching to this place?

Hi, all!

Are’s slack-based chat boards switching to this place?

No. See

Any chance to see the slack channels becoming open to non-member of the F# foundation or is this still out of question?

May I ask why you don’t want to join to FSSF? It’s totally free.

As I’m just discovering the F# ecosystem, I don’t know the F# Foundation, if it is taking position on controversial subjects and what it did in the past. I don’t want to appear as though I support the F# foundation on things I might not agree with. Hence I don’t want my name to be associated with the foundation at this stage.

This is the first software community I encounter that requires me to become a member of a foundation as a condition to join a beginners communication channel. I don’t think this is beneficial to the popularity of F#.