Slack Channel / Joining foundation?

In order to access the slack channel I understand that one needs to join the foundation. However, form seems not functional, and when trying to fill it, you are redirected to a broken page.
Can these be fixed? Or I am the only one who has this issue?

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It looks like there’s a certificate error on the sign-up form that may be related.

I just sent a message via the contact form to let the F# Software Foundation team know.

Just about to report as well.

I’m working on it - Our host changed their system (without notifying us :rage:), and I’m working with them on fixing stuff on our end to get it working.

I believe the signups should function properly now. The certificate errors should go away (it sounds like Monday, from what I’ve told) very soon, as well, but I have no control over making that happen more quickly. I’ve requested this be prioritized, so we’ll see.

Sorry for the confusion and issues.



Seems like the things are fixed right now. Thanks.

After the website was working again, I tried to join the foundation. I thought I did but realized there wasn’t any follow up email. I just tried again and it hangs on ‘Saving…’

2021-01-02 14_58_45-Window

I thought maybe I could join through donating, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. The money went through though.