Invitation to FSSF Slack Channel

As an F# Software Foundation member, I wondered what we have to do to get an invitation to the FSSF Slack Chanel. I understood this to be automatic; however, I didn’t get one. As such, what’s the best way to remedy this oversight ASAP?

You will get an email automatically
but I agree I remember it being more confusing than it should, to be able to go to slack

Go again through the steps, eventually it will work or you will figure it out

Very well.

I’ll let you know how it goes.


The most common confusion here is that (currently) there’s two steps - you setup an account (which I believe you have done), but then you need to explicitly go to the join as a member page once you’re logged in an “Join the F# Software Foundation”.

This should trigger sending you an invite immediately (typically within 1 minute).

If you have any issues, please reach out to info @ and we are happy to help.

Thank you,

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Thanks much Reed, I figured it out. I’m sure this will help others in the future.

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