Railway Oriented Programming

I have some code that would benefit from collecting multiple error messages together to display to users in the fashion of Chessie’s Result type. Chessie however looks like it isn’t getting any maintenance these days.

Does anyone know if my impression is correct?
If it is correct, are people using something else? Or are people just not doing that sort of railway oriented programming?

I’d post a link to the Chessie site but I am not allowed do to my current newbie trust level.

Chessie has an unusual Result type. I believe that most people now have aligned on the Result type that’s baked into FSharp.Core since F# 4.1 (https://github.com/dotnet/fsharp/blob/main/release-notes.md#f-41).
The Result module has a lot of functionality included in it already, and there are several libraries that add some more functionality on top of that, such as