F is for Friends. Help pls

I am a beginner and I am determined to create an email web application like G mail. I would like to start with the GUI using fable. Please list helpful sources and offer your very much valued advice knowing that I am a beginner.
I feel obliged to learn this language because I met some Fantastic people.

Hello Klay,

If you’d like to create a web application, I’d highly suggest the SAFE stack. You can read more about it here: https://safe-stack.github.io/. If you’d like to skip that, then there’s the SAFE Dojo, which covers some of the basics of the SAFE stack. You can find that here: https://github.com/CompositionalIT/SAFE-Dojo/

Some of the bits can be a little difficult to grasp, so feel free to ask additional questions!

Hope this helps.


Thanks alot. I will go through the dojo tonight and get back here.

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Hi there. If this is still valid: Saturn