Looking for Fable project to hack up

I haven’t attempted an online interactive F# application in ages, so I’m a bit of a newb, and looking for a recommendation of a (probably Fable) project I can hack up.

Here’s what I want to do:

I waste too much time on the news aggregation sites I follow (e.g. Hacker News) and the biggest time suck is skipping over the articles that keep appearing (sometimes across aggregation sites) that I have already skipped over. In other words I just want to see new articles.

Parsing web pages, persistence, etc., no problem. What I’m looking to clone is checkbox handling on a local html page I generate. From what I’ve followed in the community, I think I want to do this in Fable/Elmish/MVU. Does that sound right?

I’m not looking to make this a pretty OSS project, rather something I can hack up fast.


It sounds like you could use the TodoMVC Elmish sample as a starting point, or at least as some inspiration: https://github.com/elmish/sample-react-todomvc


A fun project would be getting newest Fable to play nice with Electron, and build a desktop app. Here’s an (outdated) starting point: https://github.com/fable-compiler/samples-electron