How to write a web-application in F#

Does there exist a web framework like “flask,sinatry/python” , “ruby on rails/ruby” or “kemal/crystal” , this for F# ?
And which webserver do i use on linux ?


In case you want something battery-included like Ruby on Rails or Django, you most likely want to check out Saturn. It is heavily inspired by Elixir’s Phoenix, which is another amazing framework I have had the privilege to use professionally. The cross-platform web server Kestrel is what Saturn uses, so I would stick with that. :slight_smile:

Saturn is also part of the popular web-development stack for F# called the SAFE Stack, which you might want to check out while you’re at it.

Happy coding!


Note : Bolero seems too complex for me.
I’ll have a look at Saturn (MVC). But also at Falco.

AFAIK Saturn is built on top of Giraffe - Giraffe provides the low-level functionality for HTTP handlers, but then Saturn puts a more opinionated and higher-level framework on top of it (but still gives you access to the lower-level Giraffe functionality if needed). I believe Falco is pretty comparable to Giraffe. So not to expand your research too much, but if you’re looking into Falco, you might want to include Giraffe in the comparison.

If you are ready to take another approach to web development, check out of which I’m a happy user. Here’s why I like it: Websharper super power with Vars - Some tech notes