2021 Election Campaign: Ryan Coy

Who am I

My name is Ryan Coy and I’m a software nerd living in Norway and working in the energy sector. Most of you will know me as nffa from Slack - where I spend a fair bit of my spare time helping educate, brainstorm, and problem solve. I’ve been writing code since I was a teenager and I made the leap to F# as my language-of-choice around two years ago and have been hooked on it ever since. When I’m not doing software stuff, I’m either helping people learn Norwegian, riding the local singletrack on my mountain bike, homebrewing a new beer, or practicing my photography.

Why I am running

The board, as part of this election cycle, has noted that it needs strong leaders to help start a new chapter for the foundation. It needs engagement and it needs ideas - and I feel like I’d be doing everyone a disservice not to toss away some anonymity in order to serve the community in yet another way. This community lives and dies by the engagement with its members. We’re growing, which means we are on the right track generally, but we seem to be holding steady on engagement: short-lived new faces in the community, or old timers who wander off - both of which are concerning. I want to help increase that engagement, help forward the community, and by volunteering my time, ideas, and passion - I hope to be able to do exactly that - if you’ll let me.

Why vote for me

I believe in us. I believe that we are stronger together. And I believe in enabling programs that grow the community and grow the collaboration in the community. I want to push for finally, after an awkwardly long time, getting F# a proper modern website to attract more like minds. I want to push for bringing our fragmented venn diagram of a community - across the forums, Slack, stack overflow, twitter, and many others - together via things like relays to build bridges that will bring us together across the digital chasms separating us now; it’s painful to see a member of our community arrive and not even realize that there are so many of us on Slack, for example. I want to push for revitalization of simple things like a newsfeed that ties together the community between tweets and github packages and language RFCs - so that we become more energized by seeing the wonderful things we’re all doing.

Most of all, I want to push for educational campaigns and ensure that the path from “Oops I typo’d C# on Google and found a weird language” to “Check out my fantastic project” is as direct as possible for people, and that their work is recognized both inside and outside the community. I want to work with, and for, you the community to remove the obstacles to learning, to building, and to recognition.

I want us to grow, to thrive, to succeed. Together.