2021 Election Campaign: Janne Siera

Who am I

Hi, I’m Janne Siera. I run an F# software development company from my home in Antwerp, Belgium. I’ve been a board member for the FSSF for one year now where I have mostly been following up on the mentorship program (together with Kevin). It’s very rewarding work for me that I’d love to continue doing.

Why I want to run for the board again

The F# Software Foundation is currently at a crossroads. Many of its initial goals have been reached and a thriving, self-sustaining ecosystem has flourished around the F# language. This calls into question the current purpose and workings of the foundation itself. A lot of its founders have moved on and its exact place in the wider ecosystem seems unclear. What does this mean for the future?

I strongly believe that there are still very important reasons for the FSSF to continue on a similar path. While some programs might benefit from being split up from the foundation itself (e.g. this would enable the slack channel to be more publicly available) there are certain initiatives which are very difficult to achieve as a single member of the community. A foundation which is able to generate enough funds and bring people together behind certain initiatives seems like an important piece of the puzzle for F#'s future.

Clearly, it is very important that we re-evaluate exactly what the foundation will stand for and what programs it will run. In the coming year it will be crucial to generate more involvement of the community in this process and to communicate better to the public what we are working on.

It also seems crucial that the board has some stability during this process. I decided to run again to ensure some continuity. Having completed a first term on the board I feel like I have matured as a board member and feel confident in continuing the work in a professional manner, as I have done so far.

I would like the FSSF to continue and expand its efforts in education and outreach. We also have to actively look for great individuals with projects and ideas to empower. This calls for greater involvement from the community and better communication from the foundation.

Janne Siera

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