Slack invitation spamming



When I joined the FSSF, I received an invitation to join the Slack workspace thrice in less than half an hour. I believe this was not the intended behavior…


@sharptom I apologize for that. It’s a known issue at the moment.

Our current membership backend is very limited in what mechanisms we have to hook into it. Unfortunately, our “trigger” to send an invite happens whenever you account changes , which can happen multiple times if you sign up, especially if you sign up as a Sustaining Member. Each change triggers an invite if you aren’t on Slack already.

Slack is supposed to buffer them (not resend them if one has been sent recently), but it doesn’t seem like that is happening anymore.

We are working on replacing the underlying membership platform, and should be able to eliminate this issue entirely when that happens.


@reedcopsey Opposite problem: I created an account with FSSF a week ago and never received a slack invite. Is this process still working?


@georgewfraser That’s actually a different issue. You setup an account, but didn’t actually “join” as a member yet. If you login, go to, click on “JOIN” then hit the button that says “Join the Foundation”, you’ll get the invite.