Side by Side Charts in Plotly

I would like to use XPlot.Plotly to show show two charts side by side in a Jupyter notebook or in .NET Interactive. I’ve looked, but I can’t find a method to do so. Can anyone help?



There’s no current way to show two charts side by side in the same result cell, no. However, you should be in luck if you’re willing to use a preview!

Plotly.NET is going to be the successor to XPlot (I will likely soft-retire xplot rather than deprecate it) because it is officially funded by Plotly and has more functionality. To use it in notebooks for now, you’ll need to install the separate kernel package extension. Then you can see charts side-by-side. This is the code:

#r "nuget: Plotly.NET.Interactive, 2.0.0-alpha5"

open Plotly.NET

        [Chart.Point([(0,1)]); Chart.Point([(0,1)]); Chart.Point([(0,1)]);]

This will plot 3 charts, each just a single point, side by side.

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Thank you so much for your reply! I had begun to wonder if there was anyone out there, fearing I would have to redouble my efforts on Julia. You’ve given me hope.

Thanks again.