F# Chart frameworks

Hey fellows,

I like to do small data analysis with F# in my free time and asked myself which framework would be best to create small charts without too much code. Because I think other people will ask the same question one day again I thought this topic could act as place listing pros and cons of the various available frameworks.

I only really know F# plotly a bit. It’s using the JS library plotly to visualize charts in the web browser (html code is generated). Because it’s some kind of interop the usage feels a bit weird but it works.

Hope to see nice posts so cheers!

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I recommend starting from https://fslab.org with F# Charting https://fslab.org/FSharp.Charting/ and then take a look at XPlot https://fslab.org/XPlot/


If you’re looking for a cross platform solution, note that I didn’t get F# Charting to work on Linux (I think there is a problem with its GTK components currently), while XPlot works fine, and I could use it with jupyter.

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