SAFE Stack - how to add a folder of images to a project

First, a huge thank you to anyone involved in the creation of the SAFE Stack. I have spent the last few weeks happily building a website using the standard template and, despite having no previous experience of Fable, Bulma or Elm, I have surprised myself with the progress that I have made. There is not a huge amount of help online, especially when starting out, as it is not always clear what to look for to resolve a problem, but it is a testament to the robustness of the SAFE Stack that someone like me, for whom this is sadly just a hobby, can still put together a working website. So thanks!

Most issues I have been able to resolve but there is one simple one that has had me a stuck for a while. I am working in Visual Studio and I would like to somehow create a folder of images that the webpages can then access. I haven’t even been able to add a folder to the project … I did manage to add a JPG as a file to the list of files in the Client project (the same location as Index.html) but the webpage was denied access to the file.

If there is a solution to this when working locally on my machine, would the solution / folder of images copy across when deploying online (something I have not yet done)?