Community tips for a new F# developer

After dabbling with F# last summer, I’ve decided to commit to learning F# over the next year and I’m enjoying it quite a lot so far.

The things I’ve been looking into have been:

  • Exorcism’s F# Track
  • Amplifying F#
  • Essential F# by Ian Russel (I’m hoping I have time for the lecture on Feb 7th)
  • F# for Fun and Profit
  • Random videos from Don Syme
  • Just discovered F# Weekly after joining this forum, thank you @sergey_tihon !
  • When I have more time I plan on diving into Tomáš Petříček’s courses.

I’d love to hear about some more resources or pitfalls you have had when diving into F#!


F# is a hidden gem. I wish I knew it existed years ago.
While moving from Elm to F# I created a little example for web dev.

I find MSBuild to be a bit hard to tame sometimes…

I find MSBuild to be a bit hard to tame sometimes…

I’m new here, but I did stumble upon this:

It’s under the umbrella as FS Projects which also maintains Paket the package manager you’re using in that project.

Side note, I love the Lambdapps animation you have on your github page.

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Oh yes I know Fake but from what I’ve read it is mostly useful for complex build steps and is still using MSBuild for compilation anyway. For now I’m only using MSBuild but it is good to know that Fake is here if needed later.
I use Paket because of the paket update command that updates all the modules to their latest versions. This feature is really missing from Nuget.

Thanks! All done in pure “recursive” CSS :wink:

This one is more for CI/CD, but in case it can help I have also read positive reviews of GitHub - slaveOftime/Fun.Build: Simple DSL for building CICD scripts with type safety in fsharp