HtmlProvider error

I have a imple .fsx file to load news article from nasdaq. I’m getting an error

The type provider ‘ProviderImplementation.HtmlProvider’ reported an error: Cannot read sample HTML from ‘’: The ‘Value’=‘IBM,technology’ part of the cookie is invalid.

But this problem seems only to nasdaq, other site is okay. e.g.

Here is my full code

#I "C:/Users/Marvin/.nuget/packages"
//#r ""
#r @"\3.0.0\lib\net45\FSharp.Data.dll"
open FSharp.Data
// Configure the type provider
type CompanyNewsHeadlines = HtmlProvider<"">
let news = CompanyNewsHeadlines.Load("")

Appreciate guidance and help.

For those facing the same problem check stackoverflow the-type-provider-providerimplementation-htmlprovider-reported-an-error-the
I had similar issue with nuget web page and the answer there solved my problem