How to make Effective GUI

I learn F# for a while, but I don’t understand how to write gui in canonical frp. In WebSharper using concept Var as container of statemodel, in mvp using full processing all model in single point (render function). I think it uggly or no effective. Do somebody using F# for GUI development?

Have you looked at the SAFE Stack? I’ve not used it but this seems to be widely used in the community, or is at least widely mentioned.

Or did you mean desktop GUI development?

I am interested in the concept how to use fp in gui. in C# i have class with inotypropertychanged and if object changed outside gui it fired event. but in F# i have record. how to implement solid bidirect binding record ↔ textField (for example in WinForms)?

Did you look at desktop GUI? I would explore one of those options. You’ll have to experiment to see which best suits your needs.