Capabilities of F#

I know nothing of F#, haven’t even written a single line of F# code yet, so apologies if this question seems bothersome.

I intend to work with F# under Windows to develop Fluent UI based applications for Windows 11 and further. I will typically need capabilities like network programming, concurrency and symbolic computation.

Would F# offer me the ability to accomplish my goals using the language and it’s libraries under Windows? Or would I have to write the UI separately using C#?


My impression is that any sort of XAML-based project in F# is not well supported. In some cases, I believe it’s possible, but you’ll not have as smooth of an experience as you’d have with C#. Maybe that story has changed since I looked last, but I haven’t read anything that suggests it’s improved.

If specifically using Fluent UI is a goal, I suspect you’re better off having a C# project for the UI and F# projects for the rest. If Fluent UI isn’t a goal in itself, you might consider something like a React app with Electron to turn it into a desktop app all built with Fable so you’re in F#.

Fluent UI is, of course, a separate topic. But in terms of XAML-based desktop applications, F# is very well supported in AvaloniaUI (

As far as all the other aspects of building applications (networking, symbolic programming, etc.) F# has all the same capabilities as C#.