Actor model programming


does anyone know of any good books/tutorials/references to material that delves into Actor model programming - more at the fundamental level of getting into the headspace/groking it.

I have done some actor programming in fsharp - I wrote a BTree where each page was an actor: very challenging, but also fun. It also highlighted that it was the wrong use of actors.


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A few years ago I dabbled a bit with Akka.NET, and the Petabridge site had some excellent documentation and a bootcamp. (For the bootcamp you can just go to the repo yourself and work through it rather than sign up and get them to email it to you.)

Microsoft has a number of toolkits using actors now - Service Fabric, Orleans and Dapr.

Here is an intro by Carl Hewitt, the inventor of The Actor Model, though it’s not really a tutorial as such. But it’s worth watching - Hewitt, Meijer and Szyperski: The Actor Model (everything you wanted to know…).