2020 Election Campaign: Janne Siera

Who am I

I’m a freelance software consultant from Antwerp, Belgium. While my day job has me writing mostly C# and TypeScript my go to language has recently been F#. I feel at home at the F# Software Foundation’s slack channel and I’m always happy when I can help out a beginner navigate the language, functional programming and the ecosystem. Recently, I’ve been getting into giving tech talks about functional programming and teaching beginners how to program. I also enjoy myself watching tv (especially good comedy), learning Portuguese or playing the ukulele.

Why I’m running

Since the F# Software Foundation needs some extra hands to distribute the workload, I decided to make myself available. It would be an honor for me to be involved and give back to a community that has been so welcoming to me.

What I’d like to do

I mostly want to help out wherever I can and wherever I’m needed, whatever the topic or job at hand might be.

If there is anything that lies close to my heart it would be the mentoring program and making sure the experience for beginners is as good as it can be. Helping the open-source community grow and widening the ecosystem are, in my opinion, the most important factors for F#’s future. Getting new and interested programmers involved starts with providing guidance, mentorship and friendly encouragement from those first steps into a new language or paradigm.

Janne Siera