2020 Election Campaign: Kevin Avignon(Kavignon)

Who am I

My name is Kevin Avignon and I’m from Montreal in Canada. My day trade is software development through .NET in the robotics field. I am currently a member of a few .NET meetups locally. You probably know me from the FSSF Slack where my handle is Kavignon or other social networks such as GitHub or Twitter where I’m using the same handle.

For those who don’t this about me, I have a blog where I discuss software technology topics that are mostly centred on C# and F#. Talking about F#, I have discovered F# a little over 4 years ago and even though I enjoy coding in C#, I absolutely love writing in F#. If I had to describe myself in a few words, I’d say tenacious, passionate and curious.

Why I am running

F# has a big place in my heart and I do everything that I can in my social and working circles to spread the love and make sure I can help other people discover why F# was missing in their daily lives. Currently, in these uncertain times, it’s an important moment to reflect on doing things that are not only great for yourself but will do a lot of good for your community(ies).

In my blog, I try to share the passion that I have for technology with the rest of the world. As a board member of the F# Foundation, I hope on building on the existing efforts this incredible community has put to onboard newcomers and help facilitate their entry to F# and the functional programming space. Hopefully, I won’t just help newcomers, but also developers of experience in need of assistance. In a few words, I hope I can help build a path to ease up the life of others through software development. I’d like to help to make the F# community an even stronger community.

Why vote for me

If you were to ask people at my day job what’s the one technology I love amongst all, they’d all say F#. I’m currently involved in building a new production application and successfully managed to sneak F# as part our the backend technology powering the web application that we’re building.

I’m an avid learner. I have many software development and engineering books at home. I always keep a backlog of items so I can continuously grow as an individual and contributor. Once I learn and start mastering a topic, I either discuss it on my blog or present in my local .NET meetup.

If I’m elected, I will steer the foundation towards working on increasing the support to onboard newcomers to the community. By being more inclusive, we can help make F# shine brighter not only as a technology but as a community also. I have learned F# through the help of others and learned a lot along the way. I’m excited about becoming a pillar for the community and helping others realize how much F# can be amazing for them also.

Thank you for considering me!