2018 Election Campaign: Roman Provazník

Roman Provazník

Twitter: @fsharping & @rprovaznik


Born 36 years ago in little town called Mladá Boleslav (Czech Republic), studied applied informatics at University Hradec Králové. With experience from various jobs (including 2 years as morning show speaker on radio station), I am currently having great time working as F# lead developer / evangelist at CN Group in Prague. I am founder of Czech F# community FSharping, occasional speaker, father of two amazing daughters and terrible drummer.

How can I help

Part of my daily job is to promote and advocate F# as “normal .NET language” - language that can be used by any developer (not only mathematicians and financial experts) for most of modern SW projects. Talking with customers, CEOs/CTOs and other developers, I am trying to convince everyone considering .NET as their next project platform to give F# a chance.

As a potential part of FSSF, I’d like to continue with this activity and advance it to the next level. I’d like to help everyone from community to get F# into their company, for their customers. My goal is to gather success stories, used tools, patterns & libraries to have solid load of arguments why your boss should let you do F# in your work time. I’d like to be the person who helps with “F# infiltration” on business level.

We are in the greatest times for F# ever. Having things like Fable, Azure Functions, .NET core, multiplatform development, active OSS community, amazing libraries, I cannot see any reason why F# should not succeed and become industry standard for .NET developers and their companies.

And I am ready to help with that…