2018 Election Campaign: Dave Curylo

Who I am

I’m a software architect at Virtustream (part of Dell-EMC) in Atlanta, GA, USA. I’m a languages nerd and polyglot developer who has been been using .NET since picking up C# in 2002. For about the last 10 years, my focus has been on applications to manage infrastructure, with cross platform solutions on Windows, Linux, and FreeBSD.

In 2015, I was introduced to Suave, and I fumbled through enough F# to find that it really worked across platforms as well as advertised. I dove more into the language to support my Suave habit, which really introduced me to some terrific FP techniques, and I was shipping production F# applications in a few months. Now, F# is practically all I use, with a strong recommendation of it to my colleagues.

Why I’d like to be considered

“You never hear of a bad lion tamer.” --some comedian, I can’t remember who.

Nearly every F# developer I’ve met is doing amazing things, and I think there are two reasons. First, the language provides tremendous capabilities to people that learn to use it well. Second, you either learn to leverage the language features, tooling, and ecosystem, or you fight them and eventually give up. Either you learn to tame the lion and you do amazing things with it, or it eats you.

We have a terrific community that is full of hard working, proficient developers that are more than willing to help others, and there are some areas that I would like the community and ecosystem to grow to do even more groundbreaking work - platform and infrastructure support.

Platform Support - certainly .NET Core and mono have helped spread F# beyond Windows, but there are areas of lagging platform support, and I would like to create more activity in those areas. That may be as simple as driving for maintainers of additional OS packaging for runtimes or F#, or increasing the
tooling and documentation around platforms like native, LLVM, and GPU development. I want people to turn to F# when they target these platforms, and not be turned away by tooling or deployment challenges when foundation members are capable and willing to help.

Infrastructure Support - we have a lot of developer infrastructure - FAKE, Paket, FsCheck, Expecto, etc. But besides a few libraries for actor systems, messaging, and one for raft consensus, there isn’t much in the ecosystem for application infrastructure. This is an area where the language can really shine with all the facilities for type-safety and formal verfication. I would like to start by increasing the awareness of what F# technology already exists in the ecosystem, and have periodic, scheduled chat sessions where interested developers can discuss, plan, and coordinate F# infrastructure projects.

I hope that on the board, I’ll be better positioned to bring about growth in our membership and broaden the story of the F# language and ecosystem.


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I posted a couple of forum topics around the areas I’m most interested in expanding in FSSF. Feedback here or on those topics is welcome!

Growth in the Application Infrastructure Ecosystem

Incubation, Promotion, and Funding