2018 Election Campaign: Stachu Korick

Plain and simple, I love F# and want it to succeed.
I have plans of strategically increasing adoption of F# through documentation, (recorded) presentations, and careful study of the surrounding market.
Being on the F# Foundation Board of Directors would act as a catalyst towards these goals.


Bored at work one day in ~2014, I stumbled upon F# and instantly fell in love.

Since then, I’ve:

  • read most of the F# books out there (thanks, authors!)
  • given talks on F# topics including introductory material, the Fable F#-> JS compiler, test-driven development, and Solving Rubik’s Cubes with F# (thanks, user groups & conferences!)
  • contributed to the F# Advent Calendar a few times (thanks, Sergey!)
  • tweeted the #fsharp hashtag way too much (thanks, fellow tweeters)
  • written F# professionally (at work) (thanks, employers!)
  • started an F# podcast, WTF#, and
  • (most importantly) met my soon-to-be wife after giving an F# talk ( thanks, Don! :wink: )

Why Stachu?

I have recently dropped my in-person employed workload in half to explore several exciting ventures.
A major portion of my now-free time over the next chunk of my life will be dedicated to F# documentation and evangelism.

Improve Pathways in the F# Ecosystem

There are many ways in which someone may enter the F# ecosystem:

  • as someone who doesn’t know how to write software
  • as an existing C#/VB developer
  • as an existing (other OOP language) developer
  • as an existing (other FP language) developer
  • as an existing “DevOps” person
  • an an existing [other-kind-of-computer-person]

Orthogonal to these paths of entry, we have people who may enter the F# ecosystem:

  • from the domain of finance and banking
  • from the domain of mathematics or a physical science
  • from the domain of data science, ML, AI, etc.
  • from the domain of …

Once you’ve learned “just enough” F#, how do you figure out feature or library xyz within the ecosystem?

  • “What’s Paket?”
  • “How do I make a type provider?”
  • “How can I use this language for machine learning?”

I will be studying these many pathways, and others, and assess where the biggest pain points are.
Throughout, I will attempt to ease these pain points by creating documentation, communicating with various community members, and by creating/improving OSS projects.

Podcast More

Our community has been missing out on a frequent, high-quality podcast.
I will continue my efforts towards this end, exploring both technical and ‘softer’ topics in my podcast WTF#.
There is plenty of material to cover and I’m looking forward to recording/publishing these on a more consistent basis starting in July.

Write Software

There are many ways to contribute to an open-source community.
One that I have missed out on majorly so far has been the creation of actual code.

While I have no current intentions of creating new libraries, I am making efforts towards:

  • creating open-source well-documented daily-use business software in F#
  • contributing to existing and to-be-existing open-source projects that yield notable benefits.

How will being on FSSF Board help towards my plans?

If elected (or if not…), I will weave F# documentation and evangelism into my schedule.
Being on the F# Foundation Board of Directors would act as a catalyst towards these goals, putting me in a position with more context than I currently have.

Why, Stachu?

F# is my hobby; this is all just for fun.