2018 Election Campaign: Jeremy Abbott

Jeremy Abbott

Twitter: @mrjabbott

Who I Am

I’m a software engineer currently working on providing deployment solutions for microservices via FAKE. I’ve been working with F# since 2014, which is also when I gave my first F# presentation. Since that time I’ve presented on various F# topics across the country including at Code on the Beach, Twin Cites Code Camp, .NET Fringe, Open F#, and F# Conf. I’ve also written for the F# Advent Calendar. I’m a co-organizer of the Portland F# User Group. In my “free time” I experiment with new F# projects, and occassionally (not often enough) contribute to F# OSS projects.

Prior to moving to Portland I was also the vice-president, then president, then technology officer for a Louisiana-based non-profit focused on LGBT activism.

Why I’d Like to be Considered

I’m enthusiastic about promoting F# both as a language, and as an open, welcoming community of programmers. I’ve really appreciated the many outreach efforts supported by the F# Foundation. In particular I believe that the mentorship and diversity efforts by the foundation are exemplary.

I am an advocate for making F# accessible to developers of all experience levels. I want to challenge the stereotype that functional programming is only for academics.

As a member of the LGBT community, I am mindful of how language can be a barrier to adoption for any organization or activity, and will work to ensure that all aspects of the Foundation and ecosystem as welcoming as possible.

Until recently I was a key board member of a small, but growing non-profit focused on LGBT activism. During that time I worked in various roles to increase organization visibility, raise awareness about issues important to the organization, and oversee important projects that not only received national attention, but also broke organization fundraising records.


TL;DR: Vote for Jeremy!

I’d love to see Jeremy on the Board.

His prior experience working with a non-profit could prove extremely beneficial to the Board overall, as it’d bring in more much needed expertise in that area. In addition, he has always proven extremely dedicated to F# and the F# community, both through his local UG but also spending his own time and money to speak wherever and whenever possible.


Thank you @reedcopsey!