2018 Election Campaign: Enrico Sada

Enrico Sada

twitter: @enricosada
github: enricosada

Who I am

I am as software developer.
I like F# and the F# community a lot, because help me learn new things and know interesting people.

I do some OSS work, lately related to tooling or .NET Core.

Why I’d like to be considered

I want to try to improve the link between community and OSS projects.

Hacking an OSS project is fun, a learning experience and you get to know good people, but is time consuming. Can be easier?

For new contributors, sometimes is hard to start contributing to existing OSS projects, for various reasons:

  • you dont know where to start
  • if a task is too big or not.
  • how the project and repository is organized? how to test a change?
  • the work is going in the right direction?

Yes, there are the github repositories, but sending the first PR is always difficult and time consuming.

For maintainers is not easy either.

  • new contributors usually mean also additional work to do
  • hard to ask help for specific tasks
  • documentation or developer guides are time consuming to write, usually not exists

How to improve that?

A program to facilitate OSS work

Creating a program, similar to the mentorship program, but focused on doing work on some existing projects, trying
to facilitate the knowledge sharing between project maintainers and developers.

Idea is:

  • match a new developer interested in a project/area with a maintainer
  • maintainer and developer discuss and scope the project, so is time limited and doable in a fixed time, but interesting for both.
  • the maintainer (or some contributor) can show how to quickstart to work on the repository.
  • the program follow the developer, with other mentors who can help on specific topics (shared between groups, if possibile) or where/who to ask for help

Google summer of code

I’ll do the paperwork so FSF can try to participate to the Google Summer of Code 2019 ( https://summerofcode.withgoogle.com/
) allowing students to hack F# OSS projects.

Visibility to current efforts

Personally, i’d like to see some knowledge sharing groups backed by FSF, where to ask help for specific topics or with periodic show and tell, where is possibile to participate in community efforts to improve an area (everyone like different things :D).
The F# community is lovely and always helpful, but is hard to know who and where ask for help.

This is really hard to do. Time is usually limited for free OSS work. Lot of times it touch different teams and projects, each one with different priorities.

For example, i tried starting at end of the 2016 the F# + .NET Core Development Group and i have learned from it.

Improving an area is a long term effort and is shared by the community, done by different people over the years.
I think the F# foundation can help today facilitating and giving visibility (to both new users and companies) directing to existing efforts and people, without trying to coordinate or sponsor with money.

Some work the F# foundation can do:

  • Allow the various area groups to ask for survey questions about current status, issues, pain points and wishlist.
  • Direct links to groups, with an open list of interested people (contact list, github team, etc) and chat info (slack channel and forum). List membership should expire periodically, so will be more up to date.
  • Periodic summary of the work done and ideas about next months, so can be shared and hopefully reach developers interested to contribute

Enrico deserves your vote, end of story.


Enrico has personally helped me (above and beyond the call of duty) and given me encouragement after I felt like pulling my hair out. I can’t say enough about how much we love him at Jet. I enjoyed his talk on .NET Core portability and I trust his experience and knowledge in F#.

TL;DR Vote for Enrico. He’s nice and he knows what the heck he’s doing.