Writing OData service with F#?


I just finished a first small app with F# and Suave, providing a Web API interface (REST).
Now I thought about further development of the API by implementing the ODATA protocol.

However, it is very hard finding information on F# and OData.
Basically it is some basic (very helpful) material by Tamizh Vendan written in 2016.
It seems there is no active contribution to packages or that sort in this area.

So I was wondering if it makes sense following that path (F# / OData service) if I’m not capable of implementing all supporting routines myself.

For C# there seem to be a lot of samples and libraries which make implementations much easier.
Is it possible to use those libraries in the same way in F# (and possibly with Suave)?

Can any of you valued experts share some insight on this?

Thanks in advance and best regards