When abouts do you reckon packages and tools will be updated to utilize DotNet?

So I wanted to update my cheat sheets code from .Net 4.8 to .Net Core which is a simple console project with a bunch of scripts. I tried both Net Core 3.1 and .Net 5.0 RC. What I noticed was:
1- Intellisense had serious issue with lots of unrecognized namespaces and red wiggly lines. As examples, the Font class in System.Drawing or the Form class in System.Windows.Forms were not recognized. Thats aside from things like ParallelSeq behaving similarly. Script would run no problem but intellisense all messed up.
2- Some packages and especially in case of many TypeProviders, they just don’t work with .Net Core, e.g, RegexProvider, FSharp.Data.TypeProvider, etc.
3- Some really good projects like FsLab and RProvider haven’t been really active for quite some time, even though they greatly play on and contribute to the strengths of the language. TypeProvider for python never really took off. Other valuable projects like MBrace appear to be abandoned more-or-less and it is not like current similar popular tools such as Spark are being ported.

Personally I was hoping for a much more complete and uniform experience with much better tooling within a year or so of .Net 5.0 release.

Notes: we have Spark for .Net and ML.NET but they are very C#-ish. I checked some typeproviders on the new baby .Net 5 with F# 5.0 but again significant number of things, e.g., FSharp.Data.TypeProviders etc., just don’t work …

Hopefully for a smooth and quick transition … unlike the White House!!!

UPDATE: Hallelujah to F# 5.0 and .NET 5.0 … Most problems I had, seem to be resolved. The following packages that didn’t work properly before on .Net Core, seem to be working now.


The RProvider type provider is yet not working and it has been a long time since last it did. MBrace also seems to be in limbo.