VS Code symbols for operators

Hi everybody,

How I do get these nice symbols in vs code like seen in the screenshot?

Screenshot 2021-12-20 at 20-26-06 Rapid Data Analysis with F# - Part 2 - Web Hosting

Thank you!

These are called ligatures, and they require you to install a font that supports them and use that font in VS Code before you’ll see them. These fonts interpret combinations of symbols as one symbol, like you see here. There are several that are popular, with Fira Code being one of the originals, as far as I’m aware.

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If you like to work in the area of font faces, webdings, and ligatures you may be interested in taking a look at an app called ghostscript. A nuget exists for it.

chethusk, have you done any work in the area of glyphs and ligatures using F#?

No more than installing these fonts. I know that some of these fonts are on GitHub and accept feature requests for new ligatures, if you find new symbol combinations you’d like to see.