F# VS 2019 Syntax Color Coding

Color coding in VS 2019 feels underwhelming. I have a total of 2 options under Fonts and Colors for the text editor.

I posted this on stackoverflow but didn’t get much of a response. I just upgraded to 16.7.6 and there’s no change.

If someone has a lovely color scheme they’ve crafted, I’d be very appreciative if you shared.

Hey there,

VS 16.8 will have more options:


That said, not everything you see is controlled solely by things marked as “F#”. Method colors, property colors, etc. are all controlled via settings like “User Members - Methods” and “User Types - Classes”. You’ll see that the editor changes those kinds of things when you adjust those colors.

Yes, I quickly noticed when the options left and am glad they returned. I’m not a fan of the default F# color scheme, nor the unfriendly process for configuring a new one.

That is definitely something that Rider has. You can hit ctrl+shift+a and type “jump to color”. This shows you why something is formatted the way it is and allows you to quickly change it.