Visual Studio F# Intellisense only displays n definition tooltips

My VS 2017 15.7.4 is having trouble with F# Intellisense, where it only shows 6 or 7 definition tooltips in a given Intellisense popup session; subsequent tooltips appear blank, like this:


To get in this state, I used the arrow keys to select each of the methods above iteri and paused to allow the tooltip to display. If I delete and retype the . to reopen the Intellisense dialog, then scroll quickly to iteri, the tooltip displays as expected.

This only happens with F# files; I cannot replicate this behavior with C# files. I duplicated for these screenshots in a clean .Net Core 2.0 project in a brand new solution with no references. My environment (Windows and VS) is only about two months old, and it’s been happening the whole time, as far as I can remember. I don’t have anything like Resharper installed either.

Does anyone else have this problem, or has anyone else experienced this? Should I file an issue on the visualfsharp Github repo?

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Hey there @keyset, the issue is fixed with this PR. It will be available in the 15.8 release. All other issues for 15.8 are tracked here if you’re curious.

Thanks @cartermp! I found the issues list, but only searched open issues, so I didn’t find that one :frowning: my bad