Status of F# in Visual Studio

I’ve been doing my F# day job production work and OSS development mostly on the latest Visual Studio preview release for over a year now, currently v16.2.0 Preview 1.0. In that time I have seen the same 2 recurring problems. There have been others, but they usually get fixed when reported.

  1. Go to Definition, F12 does not work across F# projects in same solution (at least not when the projects are net461).
    This one gets fixed/broken, fixed/broken from release to release. Current status is broken.

  2. Expecto.VisualStudio.TestAdapter breaks from VS release to release.
    Several months usually pass with me never wanting to debug Expecto tests in VS, and then when I do as often as not it does not work. I have always reported this to the OSS project, and it eventually gets fixed, but it strikes me the real issue here is the VS test adpter interface is just unstable. Why do new releases keep breaking Expecto? Expecto is a popular test library for F#. (Current status, for me, is broken…and unreported, yet.)

Turns out I was wrong about the most recent failure of Expecto.VisualStudio.TestAdapter. It broke (apparently) from changes in the most recent version of Expecto.