Type Providers SDK and paket issue

Hello, reports from β€œnew” users :slight_smile:

some users seems to struggle with type providers SDK and also Paket for quite a while.
Paket seems not supported in VS2019, also the type provider extension makes use of paket (as a mandatory and apparently non-necessary dependency)

can the community help on this :slight_smile:

type providers are one of the coolest feature of F# and i think making them easy to implement for newcomers should be a priority for the lang.

i just created my first test type provider the other day and was quite happy with the result :smiley:,
though i mostly followed the pluralsight course and took the files from FSharp.TypeProviders.SDK/src at master Β· fsprojects/FSharp.TypeProviders.SDK Β· GitHub

which makes it non-dependent on paket (which comes with the new sdk as per using the dotnet template)

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