TrivialBehinds: a new small lib for Windows Forms development (in F#), approach feedback requested

I am about to publish a small lib on Nuget for this purpose, but wanted to gather some feedback
on the general approach from more experienced Windows Forms developers (I have like couple of days of experience) before taking the plunge.

Check out the readme here:

The lib itself is a sort of a small dependency injector that has no forms dep, but this seemed like the optimal use case.

The lib written in C# is here:

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Thanks for the interest ;).

The blog post about the approach is up:

I think the reason of poor feedback that not many F# developers use WinForms.

For my personal projects I use WPF (FsXAML + Gjallarhorn.Bindable) and totally happy.

I haven’t many experience with WinForms but description is promising. After some simple examples with library, found that this approach is interesting and convenient.

I won’t leave WPF although :slight_smile:

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