F# and 3rd party .Net controls/Report writers/Frameworks

I am interested in anyone’s experience in using F# with 3rd party vendors .Net tools such as Telerik, Devexpress? I’m particularly interested in reporting as I currently use Visual Foxpro for ad-hoc reports. Devexpress’s xtraReports looks very interesting to me, though the package is expensive. I think that most of the usage examples are in C# or VB, maybe doing some in F# would help with adoption of users of these packages? Please mention any others that you’ve used.


To be honest most of the time we use Power BI for ad-hoc reports although it doesn’t have a direct .NET SDK and doesn’t really work as something that can be embedded into e.g. a WPF app.

I’ve used DevExpress controls in a WPF app with an F#-backed view model, it worked without a problem.

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DevExpress has released free UI controls to use with Blazor,https://demos.devexpress.com/blazor/
and they are having a webinar for anyone who is interested. https://www.devexpress.com/go/Webinars_May2019_Blazor.aspx. I’m very new to web development, and it seems that most people who are not familiar with report writers hand code their reports.

Generally .Net Controls have good APIs which are easy to consume from F#.

Occasionally you come across objects where there are constructors with no inputs, where you have to set properties afterwards before use. These are no harder in F# than C# but feel less right to F# users.

Some 3rd party UI controls are very tied to nasty binding frameworks with DependencyProperties, DataTemplates and who knows what else. These make a mess of our code so we tend to avoid them.

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