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I am a computer science student. I have been asked to write a short research document about software development methodolgies for a class entitled software development fundamentals. My previous education included a degree in music tech, so I have decided to try to write something on music tech software development, in the open source domain. I am looking for any information or feedback related to the development methodologies which are used in the coding and development of open source audio editing software. This project is very much in its infancy so I cant really tell you anything other than this right now, but any information at all will be appreciatively recieved. Thanks in advance.Also, as a computer science student, I am very interested in helping to add to the software development, but my knowledge so far of this is limited. I am hoping that this project will help me get involved.

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Digital video content production studio



Just in case the name of this forum confused you
F# is a functional programming language, that is not related at all to music (or the F sharp note)

While you can create any type of programs in F#, and you can certainly create software for the music industry in F#

F# is not specific to the domain of music

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@robinsenny that’s a good topic. F# itself is not related to music, but is a general programming language.

Not related to editing itself but there is a workshop about F# and audio synthesis by John Stovin, who is really beginner friendly GitHub - JohnStov/fsx-audio-workshop: Code and slides for Fsharp Audio Workshop for FSharpExchange 2018 London 4-5 April

About development methologies, there are a lot of different workflow, each project can choose a different one based on team preference, so need to ask each one :smiley:

If they happen to mention functional programming , this Thinking Functionally: Introduction | F# for fun and profit is a good intro