Slack Integrations with Discourse


I wonder if there could be a Slack slash command that shares a post on Discourse? I see now there is already a /forums command. So maybe that command or a similar one could share a post with DIscourse, sort of like /fsi shares a post with FSI (not quite the same thing, but usage could be the same). This command could be used to share a Slack post with a potentially broader audience while also ensuring that it could be found again weeks or months later.


This is already installed. /forums post 10 will prompt you for a starting post in slack (10 messages back), and an ending (last), and turn it into a draft here.


I did try /forums post 1, but if there’s a “draft” here, I don’t see it or don’t know where to look for it. Anyway, I think it should work more like /fsi.


Try with 5 or 10, and make sure it’s in a public channel… it works very well.


I got it to work after you explained it to me. It takes a few steps, but I guess it’s good enough. Thanks


Actually I think when I shared that post from the .Slack #web channel to the General category here, it also cross-posted it to the Slack #general channel. Is there a way to prevent that?


Not at the moment. In general, we want to make sure the integration from here->slack works, as it’s the more important one, since you can put a lot more detail here. If you want it in both, I’d just post here :wink:

When these forums get more active, we will likely tweak the integration to be more “tag aware” and post to separate channels in slack.


Yeah, since /forums sends me here to edit anyway, I guess just starting here makes the most since. So whatever I post in the General category here will get copied to the Slack #general channel?


Yes, well, a link/summary posts.

Once more people start using this, I’ll switch it around to post in slack via tags, but for now, we want it to be seen for discoverability.