Resources for Event Sourcing / CQRS in F#

Hello everybody,

I came accross F# lately through a somewhat weird journey through some talks on Youtube. I’ve learned about Event Sourcing and CQRS and find both things quite interesting.

Also F# as a language looks really cool to me. I tried to find a Book / Course or Tutorial from where I can learn both, but there doesn’t seem to be much public interest in this topic.

I have found a series on Youtube from DevOwl which shows concepts of this area, but I’d like to have a deeper look into this.

Are there some good books / video courses or whatnot about CQRS and/ or Event Sourcing? Preferably in F# so that I can learn the language while finding out more about this.

Thanks in advance.

There is actually a lot:

· []: Online F# sandbox.

· []: Complete list of resources.

· []: Online F# site running Fable.

· []: Definitely the best F# learning site!!

But specifically CQRS and Event Sourcing, I indeed only know the DevOwl videos.

Thank you for the links. I heard about Fable already, which sounds quite nice.

I’ll definitly will go through all of those.

While browsing around, I’ve found this podcast about Event Sourcing. Maybe it’s interesting for someone else too.

We use CQRS and Event Sourcing. There was recently a thread on F# slack where this was discussed a bit. If you find yourself on slack, I can cc you on that thread.

I have various posts on CQRS and Event Sourcing implementations, but nothing specific to F#. Hopefully soon, I will get around to releasing a template project in F#.

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Thank you for the links.

I would be glad if you could cc me in that conversation. I’m fairly new to Slack and don’t know what you need to tag me there.


I got concerned by the lack of in-depth concise resources on this, so (having built 6 eventsourced systems now) made a video covering all the principles you’ll need for this:
Let me know what you think!