May have mistakenly created a second login

Apologies if I have posted this in the wrong place (I didn’t know where else to post/send it).

A few days ago I tried to join the Foundation but I think I might have simply created a new login by mistake.

I thought I was following the correct links but when I created a login, as suggested (I thought it was a separate login for the Foundation), and then followed the link in the email I got, I seemed to get somewhere I wasn’t expecting, and I’ve heard nothing about the link to Slack which I was expecting.
Basically I think I got confused and did something wrong.

Would a moderator be able to have a look and check to see what I have probably done wrong, and fix that, and then tell me what I should be doing to join the Foundation? (The email address I used was the same email address as this login uses, and I would prefer to keep this login if possible.)