Is there any good help anywhere for developing mixed WinUI3 and Avalonia.FuncUI solutions?

I am looking to develop a new application using Avalonia.FuncUI.

Note: The choice of Avalonia.FuncUI is purely because I happened to find it and it seemed like what I needed. If there is something else which is more suited to what I want to do (and/or my lack of experience in F# UI) then I’d be happy to read about that and possibly use that instead.

The application will need to be able to be easily packaged for the MS Store so I am starting with a WinUI3 Blank Application solution. (I’m doing this alone and really don’t want to have to get into manually packaging stuff.)

The WinUI3 solution will contain a WinUI3 project which will handle the application start-up/finish-up, database maintenance via Entity Framework Core (I think), and the ‘shell’ of the UI which can switch – via a Tab View – to different application functionalities, each of which will be a separate Avalonia.FuncUI project so I can develop/maintain each functionality separately. That’s my current thinking anyway.

The organisation of the solution will be (initially) as follows (but will probably vary):

→ ApplicationProject (WinUI3) – start-up/etc.
→ BrowseProject (FuncUI) – general user browsing/maintenance of data
→ ThingMaintenanceProject (FuncUI) – maintenance of Things
→ WhatsitMaintenanceProject (FuncUI) – maintenance of Whatsits
→ other data maintenance projects
→ Domain (F# Library) – the core application functionality (using Domain-Driven Design)

Does anyone have any good ideas of how I can start with this?
Has my idea gotten off to a bad start already somehow?

I’ve got the blank WinUI3 solution, containing a basic Avalonia.FuncUI project, seemingly running just fine (but no interface between projects) so I know they can possibly exist at the same time without ‘clashes’, but I’m not sure where to go next.

I could try stumbling around trying different things but I thought it might be best to get some ideas first, and to see if my initial thoughts were reasonable.

I’ve looked around the web quite a bit but I can’t find anything which looks like it could be relevant.

I can probably get the WinUI3 project done without much fuss (up-to-a-point, I have a few very simple applications in the MS Store already) and the Domain stuff is a separate issue, but it’s the ‘interface’ between the WinUI3 and the FuncUI things that I’m not too sure about.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Note: I’m not expecting detailed explanations, although they would not be unappreciated. I’m looking more for general advice about how to go about things and what problems to look out for.